Wentland Switzerland

Expertise in global ICT solutions

"We are a close family of passionate and talented people with
+40 years of global consulting experience."

Who we are.

Our team started from opposite sides of the globe; competant and valued in our respective professions and looking to make an even larger impact for our clientele.
Based in Switzerland, we are a growing international group focused on building business the way we believe it should be done.

What we do.

We provide solutions to facilitate disruption to traditional modes of operations and technology in order to support our clients on their journey.
Our group operates vertically: Global data and telecom solutions to IT Consulting & Collaboration; and upwards to databases and web applications. Our vision for our next opportunity is Industrial Market Data Research (AI, big data and blockchain).

Why we do it.

When busineses succeed, our economy succeeds and therefore us too!
During this period of rapid technological transformation, businesses need the tools and infrastructure to maintain their competitive edge, reduce operating costs and advance technologically in order to survive.

Industry 4.1 integrators

Industry 4.1 Image

At Wentland Switzerland we believe that
Industry 4.1 is the now.

What does it mean to be a 4.1 entreprise? It means that all connected devices, business processes, techonologies and resources are managed and updated on demand and according to the best tools and practices.

Our organization is ITIL and ISO oriented so we are transparent, forthright and methodized. We deconstruct complicated offerings so they are manageable, understandable and lead to a clear goal. We consider our services as modules with options.

We have the highest certified engineers in the market, with years of
successful experience.

We do not believe in selling boxes, instead we provide knowledgeable advise and trust-based consulting which includes tried-and-tested as well as new and advantageous solutions for you, our customer. We take companies of all sizes through business transformation.

Our solutions are customized for each unique need and specific requirement.

This means that our business is to build relationships with our customers and partners based on trust and ethics: we are not distributors.

For us it is essential to advise our customers and partners in the best way for them, to provide them the right infrastructure so that they can focus on their main business at hand.

We support our customers and partners with our knowledgeable and experienced team to find the best solutions. We are agile: we provide answers and solutions even in areas that are not well known and in a fast and polite manner.

We believe that the relationship we build with our customers and partners is the most important for us, such that the top solutions that only we provide are our responsibility to care for in this relationship.

We provide consulting and a structured transformation because we love our work! We strive to bring Industry 4.1 to you, interconnecting your business with digital technologies. In fact, we select all of our customers and partners through a very strict process, yes! We choose our customers and partners, which is a revolution in this world.

Our customer: you.

Our partners: Cisco, Microsoft, AWS, Swisscom and many others trust us as selected integrators, meaning, we do everything precisely as they do it.

Sincerely, Wentland Switzer-land SA Team

Our Capabilities


We provide comprehensive IT solutions for simple to complex needs.

Infrastructure Architecture (cloud, on premises and hybrid)

New technology integrations

Legacy architecture modernization

SaaS installations and configurations

Security as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service


New collaboration solution design & implementation (Teams, Webex)

Video conferencing installations and configurations

SME and large entreprise solutions for home office collaboration


Cisco call manager

SIP trunking

Microsoft Teams telephony

PBX / ISDN, PSTN, SIP hybrid installations

Database web applications

Design and architecture of new database systems

Review and updating of Microsoft Access databases

Development of web applictions using Microsoft Power Platform


Friendly and knowledgable development team

Meet the team

Avatar of the boss

The Boss


The boss does all of the dirty work so our team does not have to and we can focus on what we do best. He is our motivator, our guru and leads us in the right direction often with a force that can move mountains. Under his expertise, foresight and passion, your projects are in the best of hands.



Nicole is our seasoned professional working across many continents and across a multitude of industries. She is our go-to woman for leading teams and managing our operations. Even though she is a very curious data scientist with a degree in Physics, she has made the plunge back into tech designing and leading development teams to build disruptive solutions that carve out new industries.

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Avatar Pic



Dylan is part of our dream team. He tackles any project big or small and with finesse and speed.



Angelo, one of our talented engineers, who provides you, our customer, and us, with support. He specialises in installations and configurations in many areas of IT. He is passionate and grew up in the new IT world which, is why he is always ahead of the game.

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Marie-Claire runs the office and keeps everything in check as well as leading our campaigns and managing our 360° support team.

The Board


Our board is one of the most experienced members with a PhD in law, blockchain and cryptocurrency guru, university professor of finance and tecnhincal and commercial leaders.

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